Notre Dame is a special place that inspires loyalty like no other institution I have ever seen.

We are now and will always be loyal sons and daughters of Notre Dame. This year Beth and I gave $1 million to help Notre Dame. We are fortunate to be in a position to do this and we are equally fortunate to have a place like ND to give it to.

But it’s more than loyalty that drives our contribution to Notre Dame, it’s the fact that Notre Dame students are changing the world for good.

It’s because Notre Dame students and faculty are right now engaged in finding solutions to real world problems. Issues like water quality in developing countries, sustainable energy, or even a cure to cancer. When Beth was diagnosed with cancer it was the grace of God, love, and the caring of many individuals especially those from the ND family that got us through. Now we know that through research Notre Dame may be able to locate, isolate and eventually eradicate cancer in the human body.

Do you want just one example? Take a sneak peek at this Fighting For ad that will run during a game next month that features one of our amazing undergraduate students who is afflicted with cancer and has returned to Notre Dame to pursue research to make sure people are better prepared to handle this disease. The research Courtney is engaged in here at Notre Dame would not be possible without your help… your loyalty… your belief that we can change the world for good.

Support Notre Dame in changing the world.