Alumni Impact

ND Loyal volunteers drive incredible philanthropy and impact in Fiscal Year 2022.

ND Loyal is a community of Notre Dame alumni who are passionate about advancing the mission of the University through philanthropy, and who share this passion with their fellow alumni.

ND Loyal volunteers recognize their ability to make a unique and important difference in the lives of current students by rallying their classmates to make an annual gift, of any size, to an area of Notre Dame important to them. With passion, dedication, and enthusiasm, ND Loyal volunteers consistently come together, in good times and in tough times and drive incredible philanthropy and alumni participation for our alma mater, particularly this past fiscal year!

2,051 Alumni Donors

ND Loyal volunteers inspired 2,051 alumni to make a gift to any area of Notre Dame in Fiscal Year 2021. Through the diligent efforts of ND Loyal volunteers, Notre Dame is working to grow the total number of alumni who give back each year to 50%. Doing so would strengthen campus initiatives that matter to alumni and add value to their own degrees. The percentage of alumni who give back to their alma mater affects national rankings which, among other things, helps attract top faculty, resulting in the high-quality classroom discussions and research opportunities that make the Notre Dame education distinct.

$532,523 raised for 398 areas of campus

From the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) to the Africana Studies Program to the Student Emergency Relief Fund, 398 different areas of campus benefited from the work of ND Loyal volunteers. Take a look at just a few of the campus initiatives and organizations you inspired alumni to support:

  • Robinson Community Learning Center: $707
  • Center for Social Concerns (CSC): $3,885
  • Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE): $1,633
  • Notre Dame Magazine: $10,950

    Funding the Next Generation of Domers

    ND Loyal volunteers inspired peers to give back to many areas of the University, but this past year the most popular gift designation was the Sorin Society. Together, ND Loyal volunteers drove Sorin Society gifts totaling $99,111. Gifts to the Sorin Society help fund the single largest priority at Notre Dame, financial aid. Volunteer leaders are making the dream of a Notre Dame education a reality for all students, regardless of financial means.
    Growing up on a small island in Alaska, I had never heard much about Notre Dame before I began applying for colleges. However, once the time came to apply for schools, Notre Dame was suggested to me by one of my friend’s moms. I did my research and decided to apply. Notre Dame ended up being the best school I got into that offered enough financial aid to make my attendance possible. Notre Dame has made it possible for me to pursue all of my interests whether it’s being in the marching band, writing code for the Robotic Football club, or swimming with our club swim team. Notre Dame has become a home I keep wanting to come back to.
    Van Abbott ‘22
    The day that I got my letter of acceptance was one of the happiest days of my life, I actually cried. Besides the fact that I knew that I wanted to come here no matter what, the question became whether my family could afford it. We waited a couple more weeks to find out what my financial aid would be and we were overjoyed to find out that it was enough for my parents to be able to send me. I am grateful for every moment that I have been on this campus, especially because I would not be here without financial aid.
    Isabelle Tonetti ’22

    The Best Day of the Year for a ND Loyal Volunteer: Notre Dame Day

    Every April, the Notre Dame family comes together for two days to advance the causes as Notre Dame that are most important to them! Despite the challenging year, this past fiscal year was no different. The five causes that raised the most money this past Notre Dame Day were as follows: Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases, the IDEA Center Inventor’s Fund, St. Edward’s Hall, Women’s Club Water Polo Team, and the Ultimate Frisbee Club of Notre Dame. These causes demonstrate just a few of the many different and specific causes that folks at Notre Dame are passionate about. The beauty about Notre Dame Day and this ND Loyal community is that we are able to help people help the areas they are passionate about. Notre Dame Day is the biggest day for our ND Loyal community. It makes it so easy to make a difference for current and future students.

    ND Loyal volunteers alone inspired 489 first fiscal year gifts throughout the last Notre Dame Day.These gifts made a tangible difference on the lives and experiences of students at Notre Dame. The work of this ND Loyal community ensures that the dream of a Notre Dame education is possible and that students have the fullest, most incredible Notre Dame experience.

    I feel I owe Notre Dame and want to give back more than what it has given to me. Moments back on campus to see my former students thriving inspire me to continue doing the work of ND Loyal and have those discussions with my classmates and friends. It reminds me to make sure they know how important their donations are, how they impact students, and help provide the opportunity to afford a Notre Dame education that we ourselves were fortunate enough to have.
    Binh Huynh ’98, ND Loyal Volunteer
    Give a little money. I tell this to my two children all the time. They have student loans and financial commitments. They can’t give a lot, but I say, ‘Give 10 bucks. Give 50 dollars. Do it annually so you don’t have to think about it. Start small. Remember what Notre Dame means to you and give that to someone else.
    Ted Schwartz ’84, ND Loyal Volunteer
    The work that we are doing through ND Loyal ensures that all Notre Dame students have access to everything the University has to offer and creates a family and a home for all. It is so refreshing and so needed in our world today.
    Molly Boscarino ’95, ND Loyal Volunteer