ND Loyal volunteers drive incredible philanthropy and impact in Fiscal Year 2020

ND Loyal is a community of Notre Dame alumni who are passionate about advancing the mission of the University through philanthropy, and who share this passion with their fellow alumni.

ND Loyal volunteers recognize their ability to make a unique and important difference in the lives of current students by rallying their classmates to make an annual gift, of any size, to an area of Notre Dame important to them. With passion, dedication, and enthusiasm, ND Loyal volunteers came together during one of the most unprecedented times the world has seen and drove incredible philanthropy and alumni participation for our alma mater this past fiscal year.

1,410 Alumni Donors

ND Loyal volunteers inspired 1,410 alumni to make a gift to an area of Notre Dame in Fiscal Year 2020. Notre Dame currently ranks third in the percentage of alumni who make a gift to their alma mater. Through the diligent efforts of ND Loyal volunteers, Notre Dame is working to grow the total number of alumni who give back each year, helping alumni to strengthen campus initiatives that matter to them and adding value to their degrees. The percentage of alumni who give back to their alma mater affects national rankings which, among other things, helps attract top faculty, resulting in the high-quality classroom discussions and research opportunities that make the Notre Dame education distinct.

$186,785 raised for 194 areas of Campus

From the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) to the Africana Studies Program, 194 different areas of campus benefited from the work of ND Loyal volunteers. Take a look at just a few of the campus initiatives and organizations you inspired alumni to support:

  • Notre Dame Magazine $6,334
  • Bengal Bouts and Baraka Bouts $5,820
  • Regional Notre Dame Club Scholarships $3,970
  • Center for Social Concerns (CSC) $2,418
  • Fighting Irish Initiative (FII) $2,824

Funding the Next Generation of Domers

ND Loyal volunteers inspired peers to give back to many areas of the University, but the most popular gift designation remains financial aid. Together, ND Loyal volunteers drove financial aid gifts totaling $113,656. Financial aid is the single largest priority at Notre Dame, and volunteer leaders are making the dream of a Notre Dame education a reality for all students, regardless of financial means.
For many students, receiving their acceptance letter from Notre Dame is a wonderful experience. As a first-generation college student, my wonderful experience wasn’t receiving my acceptance but receiving my financial aid. When I opened the email, it took reading it through four times to convince myself that my eyes weren’t deceiving me. Rushing to show my mom, we cried together for much longer than either of us would like to admit. I am beyond grateful to every individual who has made this experience possible for me.
Jacquelyn Gesbocker ‘22
Just before my junior year, my financial situation changed and suddenly my University aid was no longer sufficient, and I was left unable to pay for the semester. After a couple of conversations about my situation with a financial aid officer, the University provided an additional scholarship that would allow me to graduate in the Spring of 2020 having had the student experience I always dreamed of. I am so grateful to the donors that made this possible!
Allie Rudin ‘20

Taking “The Fight” to Covid-19

In March, our campus community, our country, and our world needed to take action and implement safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, resulting in our students finishing the semester with remote learning. During this unprecedented time, we saw a great increase in the financial aid needs of our students, as well as increased need to ensure students had the necessary resources to learn effectively at home. The Student Emergency Relief Fund was created to serve the students impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

ND Loyal volunteers inspired gifts of over $19,400 for the Student Emergency Relief Fund, making a tangible difference on the lives of students who experienced loss or economic changes throughout the pandemic. This spring, more than ever, the ND Loyal community truly stepped up to ensure every student would be able to fulfill their dream of completing their Notre Dame education.

I don’t need to give much to make sure that someone else gets to experience Notre Dame like I did. Notre Dame is somewhere that had a huge impact on my life and development. I choose to give back to Notre Dame because I know someone is going to utilize that aid and propel themself onto the next step.
Andrea Solis ’17, ND Loyal Volunteer
Give a little money. I tell this to my two children all the time. They have student loans and financial commitments. They can’t give a lot, but I say, ‘Give 10 bucks. Give 50 dollars. Do it annually so you don’t have to think about it. Start small. Remember what Notre Dame means to you and give that to someone else.
Ted Schwartz ’84, ND Loyal Volunteer

Notre Dame does not follow; it leads. I have faith in Notre Dame. Faith that what they are doing is always in the students' best interest. I give my time, talent, and treasure back to Notre Dame because I am proud of the University and proud to be an alumna.

Shannon Shine ’88, ND Loyal Volunteer