Why ND Loyal?

Through ND Loyal, alumni volunteers raise critical resources to enhance Notre Dame’s capacity to pursue its mission to be a powerful force for good. The ND Loyal volunteer community ensures this mission not only happens, but that it happens in the best way possible—keeping Catholic character at our core and a spirit of service threaded through all of our efforts as we educate the next generation of leaders. Our three pillars of building community, inspiring action, and serving students animate our work as we make the Notre Dame mission a reality.
"Notre Dame has made a difference for me, professionally and spiritually. My degree is the gift that keeps giving, so I enjoy giving back. I feel enriched by doing so. We can make a difference for students like generations before us have made. It's our turn."
Brian Armstrong '88

Build Community

The ND Loyal community, like the greater Notre Dame Family strives to be an example of faith, hope, and love. Our team members and volunteers consistently seek to build and deepen relationships, lean on one another, and celebrate our shared responsibility to make the world a better place. By volunteering with ND Loyal, our 300 members connect their enthusiasm for Notre Dame with their diverse personal communities, bringing together former roommates, classmates, and teammates with the causes on campus most relevant to them. This past year, ND Loyal volunteers helped over 36% of all ND alumni reconnect with the mission of Notre Dame.

Inspire Action

ND Loyal volunteers extend the incredible invitation to participate in the mission of Notre Dame and the opportunity to make a deep and profound difference. As a community of alumni with diverse interests, backgrounds, and passions, we believe this invitation is inherently intended for all. In spreading this invitation, volunteers have helped increase the University’s overall alumni participation by more than 2,000 alumni donors year after year.

Serve Students

ND Loyal volunteers are motivated by a desire to work for the Common Good. Our community recognizes the tremendous value, privilege, and responsibility of receiving the Notre Dame undergraduate experience. As former students, we seek to ensure this experience is available, enhanced, and expanded for current and future students. This past year, ND Loyal volunteers inspired alumni to give over $305,000 to current ND students — the vast majority of which was built from gifts around $50.

Our Mission in Action

Learn more about how ND Loyal volunteers served students last year by checking out our Impact Report for Fiscal Year 2021.
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Meet the ND Loyal Team

Ellen Roof

Ellen Roof '15

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